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For the love of the Earth and coming generations...

Haulers transport goods over the roads of the world, producing the greenhouse gas C02. Modern motor technology, such as Euro VI, does its very best to minimize pollutant emissions. Our fleet is, and will always be, in a process of optimization. 92% of our current fleet already consists of Euro VI and V vehicles (as of November 2014).

Environmental management has been a factor in our business for some time now. Accordingly, we are DIN 14001 certified and subject to pertinent monitoring and certification audits.

But our concept of environmental protection exceeds the required DIN standards. We contribute to Nature Life International, supporting the reforestation of the rainforest. Our joint efforts have succeeded in reforesting 50,000 square meters (60,000 square yards)of the rainforest. This means that more than 1,000 tons of C02 can be covalently joined - an achievement of which we are justifiably proud.

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